Upon completion, this body of work that I helped lead while at Hornall Anderson was established as the model of NBA marketing programs and materials. This was the first of the NBA team identities to return to its heritage in the early 2000s.
This was the first NBA court design to use three wood tones in its design. New uniforms were inspired by the heritage arch look made famous years earlier.
The firs piece that we redesigned was the season ticket holder renewal brochure. Designed and printed in two weeks; noticably absent of logos and nearly void of specific players—as the entire organization was rethunk.
Sales collateral combined personality with information.
Just one of the season ticket designs that I did over the course of several seasons; for the fan these are memorabilia and for the operations folks, these tickets do a lot of [information] heavy lifting.
The 2003–04 renewal brochure was all about impact. Its oversize dimensions proudly announced the arrival of Ray Allen while still celebrating the entirety of the organization. Note that the actual size shoes that are going "Toe to Toe" were the most mind-boggling objects that I've ever photographed. Shaq's size 24 practically warranted its own FedEx truck.

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