OWH's brand update better reflects their values. The Oregon farm is present in the new identity, while the "Wild Harvest" script reflects their intimate, hands-on approach to creating their product. In an industry often questioned for its quality control, certifications are front and center so as to assure consumers that they're getting the very best.
The biodynamic line strips away all that is unnecessary, building a strong personality through a friendly voice.

Social media hashtag campaign to bring attention to the biodynamic line

Large banner graphics on the exterior of the 2017 tradeshow booth establish the regenerate theme

Interior booth graphics take advantage of corner locations to link messages with adjacent posters

The 2017 tradeshow booth redesign for a larger space afforded a much greater presence at the show and allowed us to bring confidence and pride to the show like never before.

Launched at Natural Products Expo West 2015, the new biodynamic line was the news of the day. As it's biodynamic products are relatively new in the category the staff wore t-shirts inviting a conversation about how they go "beyond organic"—a term more commonly understood.
A shift from their past presentation, the new booth was organized by function rather than merely alphabetical. This approach demonstrated the company's consumer focus as well as making it easier for retailers to identify with products that might better round out their offering at the shelf.
Samples available for trial at the booth sit on an island merchandised with each of the new biodynamic products.
Miniature sample bottles were available for show participants.
The voice and naming work for this body of work is the result of a great collaboration with the very talented writer, Leslee Dillon.
Business cards have a very clean front, while a variety of designs on the back demonstrate both the visual beauty of the raw products as well as the core beliefs of the company—making it very clear what they stand for.
From rethinking how the KIDS line could be more impactful on the shelf, to the production techniques for shelf racks, no detail is without consideration.
From cheerful [sunburst] stickers to unprinted/imprinted recycled folders, to contest sign-up forms the brand is consistent, friendly and inclusive.
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