I designed Art with Heart's first large activity book, and did a few black and white illustrations for it as well. This first book was developed to help young kids with chronic illnesses pass time and cope with their emotions. (Cover illustration by Chip Wass)
These are illustrations that I did. The one on the right solicited the kids to do their own self portraits and elicited some fantastic replies!
The artwork for the book was donated by a who's who list of designers and illustrators; the above illustrations were done by Marc Burkhardt (left) and Riccardo Stampatori (right).
Chill & Spill was Art with Heart's second book that I designed and did an illustration for (right). This journal is designed to help teens deal with traumatic life events.
As designer, it was my primary task to design the pages that gave "assignments" associated with the artwork on the other side of the page. This is one such example (artwork by Gina Triplett)
The illustration on the right is yet another that I did for another Art with Heart book (I did not design this one. Cover art by Ward Jenkins and Ken Shafer)

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